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Posted 08.02.14 / Marketing

Age of Permission Marketing

We have entered a new age of marketing…one where consumers voluntarily opt in, like and retweet your messaging. Direct contact has never been easier and more targeted. Now, what do we do with it?

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Posted 07.14.14 / Legislation

The Anti-Spam Opportunity Part 2

Overall, this is a positive change for both businesses and consumers. This law creates an opportunity for businesses to re-evaluate how, when and why they connect with customers and work towards developing more effective and meaningful campaigns.

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Posted 06.15.14 / Legislation

The Anti-Spam Opportunity Part 1

The Canada Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) aims to insure Canadians are only receiving email marketing that they have asked for. Translation: less Viagra ads and more deals from businesses you actually shop at. It does this by requiring consent before you deliver email messages to your customers. There are two forms of consent: implied and implicit.

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Posted 12.15.11 / Our Studio

Fuel is MOVING streetfront

Okay!  This is really exciting news.  We just signed a lease on […]

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