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A Vision for Greater Sudbury

Every placement opportunity is an engagement opportunity. The Greater Sudbury Economic Development Corporation (GSDC) came to us looking for creative ways to engage the community. We started off with a sister brand to their Sudbury Tourism logo, with engagement built right in. We started off with the iconic triangles that made up the mosaic leaf of the logo to create a simple and recognizable hashtag mark. This hashtag mark was designed to turn every placement opportunity into an engagement opportunity.


Capturing Imaginations

GSDC challenged us to develop ideas that would break outside of typical community engagement strategies. They wanted to gather ideas from the community in new and unique ways that would inspire citizens to engage and share their vision for Greater Sudbury. We created items like “fortune tellers” to create a sense of play in people of all ages, allowing youth to participate in a fun & engaging way while inspiring memories in the young at heart.

Planting Idea Seeds

Throughout the campaign, the triangle played a lead role in design elements. We wanted to retain the concept of the mosaic because it does a great job representing ideas coming together to make a whole. In the campaign, we used the triangles on their own because it is the idea phase. The pieces have not come together yet, but must be collected to take form and come into shape/reality.


gsdc triangles-exploding

 Hand-to-hand Marketing

Hand-to-hand marketing played an important role in the #gs2025 campaign. We geared their team up with backpack flags that would garner attention and interest on the streets as ideas were collected at locations throughout Greater Sudbury and community events. The use of the simple hashtag naming payed off here in spades because it created engagement without any explanation.


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