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Embracing the Casualife

Fuel Multimedia has been a marketing partner with Casualife since 2010.  Within their stores, Casualife offers shoppers carefully curated and exclusive patio furniture lines – along with the right service and support to ensure the best customer satisfaction. We worked with them on their rebranding process and offer on-going digital support with the goal of taking advantage of modern user behaviours in attracting foot traffic to their two destination retail stores.  

Visualizing the casualife

We went through a rebranding process with Casualife in 2012 to transition the company from a former name (Salco Patio) and reflect the aesthetic for their design-conscious clientele. The new mark was carefully crafted to have clean lines and have the ability to be reproduced on a number of mediums. The all lower case design was chosen for its “casual” appeal and the the letter “a” was gently crafted into an abstract leaf representing the outdoor life.

Casualife Logo DesignCasualife Logo Design

Web traffic to foot traffic

Casualife has a strong print campaign, where we design full page advertisements for major publications like Canadian House & Home, LCBO Food and Drink, National Post, Globe and Mail, Toronto Life and more.  What they needed was a hub to pull all of their advertising efforts together and take advantage of at-home browsing.

Modern retail shoppers want to know what you have before they come in.  They are web savvy and value their personal time.  The web is a tool where they can be sure that you are offering what they are looking for – turning web traffic into pre-qualified retail traffic.  Casualife is a service-based retailer who does not offer e-commerce, but wanted to take advantage of this behaviour. We created a website with their full inventory of products to encourage users to use the website as a research tools before coming in.

Staying top-of-mind

However, print advertising and the website alone would not be enough to stay top-of-mind with consumers looking to make a big ticket purchase like furniture. To compliment their frequent print buys, we engaged multi-platform digital advertising including social media and email newsletters to stay top-of-mind with customers in between. These campaigns are centred around building a relationship and trust with consumers, so that when they are ready to buy, Casualife is their first stop.

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