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Energysavers to the rescue

In 2015, Fuel Multimedia partnered with Greater Sudbury Hydro’s Conservation and Demand Management department to create a public-facing brand.  The Conservation and Demand Management department is responsible for connecting residential and commercial customers to the right programs, savings and incentives to help lower their electricity consumption. Working together, our goal was to increase engagement in the service and thusly the overall energy savings of customers to align with province-wide energy saving mandates.

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energySAVERS to the rescue

To increase their recognition, the Conservation and Demand Management department needed a public-facing name.  We worked with the department to rebrand them the Greater Sudbury Hydro energySAVERS.  The name was strategically designed to have a superhero-like appeal.  The energySAVERS provide their  services and access to programs, incentives and savings at no cost to residential and business customers (much like a superhero).  This playful approach was taken to help the public better understand the altruistic intentions of the department.

Point of Display

Local first

We also set out to make the brand appeal local first. A challenge the department was facing was getting their message across amongst all of the “green” noise in the energy savings and conservation sectors. The team is often sharing shelf, coupon and mind space with a wide array of other products and services designed for energy saving from far and wide. We needed the campaign to feel local first, so we could capture the consumer’s attention to deliver the messaging.


The energySAVERS function is to aid customers through the sea of green, pointing them to the most valuable opportunities available at the local level and assisting with the entire application process. To do this, we used the iconic Greater Sudbury Hydro burgundy branding up-front-and-centre in all of our visual communications including their logo and point of display. This was paired with the bright saveONenergy green to create a co-brand that said “I am local and I am green.”


Too good, but is true

Another communication challenge the team was facing was a perception that anything labelled as FREE, was simply put, too good to be true. To offset a knee-jerk reaction that the deal may sound too good to be true, we avoided all language like “FREE” or “save money” on advertising materials. We opted instead to simply say “Ask our team about PROGRAMS, SAVINGS, INCENTIVES”. During research with the conservation team, Greater Sudbury Hydro communications and clients who engaged the programs, it became clear that once a customer had the opportunity to speak to one of the energySAVERS, they were much more likely to engage the programs, savings and incentives available. Due to that fact, we focussed communication efforts on encouraging customers to talk to one of the energySAVER professionals. This straight-forward and no gimmick approach has seen an increase in the number of customers approaching and engaging the services of the energySAVER team.

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