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The visual annual report

Annual reports play an important role in communications.  Their information is vital to stakeholders and the community because their content is based solely on data; making them a trusted and valuable source of information that people can rely on.  They also provide a unique opportunity to celebrate the successes of the last year, while creating a positive outlook for the year to come.  Greater Sudbury Utilities came to Fuel Multimedia to create an annual report that would not only display data, but engage users with it both on and offline.

The medium is the message

The adage, ‘the medium is the message’ is particularly true when it comes to annual reports.  While it’s true that your annual report may contain valuable information to your audience, the message can be lost if it’s not presented in a way that’s easy to consume.  Our solution was to create a report that would be visually engaging and make information easily understandable.  We made use of creative infographics, original photography and careful information architecture to best display the message.

Think outside the book

Greater Sudbury Utilities also wanted their annual report to have a long life.  One that would be engaging enough that they could use it’s visuals throughout the year in multiple applications.  To accomplish this, we created a print version of the report, that also doubled as a poster print that could be used internally.  By using a z-fold, the document found new life as a motivational poster for their staff.  Furthermore, we created a highly interactive digital version of the report.  The digital report made use of animations to carefully reveal the information to users, making for a more interactive experience.  Two versions of the digital report were created – one that would autoplay (to be used on lobby television monitors), and another that is user-driven for public use.

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