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Generations of expertise

Marcotte Mining came to Fuel Multimedia in 2015 as a third generation was appointed General Manager of Marcotte Mining.  Marcotte has enjoyed a long history in Sudbury, starting in 1979.  Since then, the company has been primarily family owned, carrying these family-owned values with them as they continue to grow and sell to a global marketplace.  Our goal was to celebrate this rich history, while showing why it continues to make them a leader in the mining sector.

Generation of Expertise

We partnered with Marcotte Mining in the development of a ‘Generations of Expertise’ campaign.  The campaign was designed to celebrate and promote the people and expertise behind the industry-leading mining equipment that Marcotte Mining produces.  With a long and rich history, the team at Marcotte Mining represents literally generations of expertise, being passed down and built upon with each new generation.  We photographed their team on site at their Sudbury shop to show the faces of Marcotte.  These faces are now being used for various campaigns including social media under the hashtag #generationsofexpertise.

Logo Design SudburyLogo Design Sudbury

Engineered Safe

Safety is another major component in the culture of Marcotte Mining.  They came to us looking to develop a mark they could use on all communications to continually reinforce the role of safety in the workplace, their products and everything they do.  We worked with their team to develop the ‘Engineered Safe’ mark.  The name was inspired by the fact that safety is always thought of in advance and literally engineered into all they do.  We really wanted to emphasize its intrinsic nature in their operations.
For the design of the “Engineered Safe” logo, we used the same fonts as the Marcotte logo for consistency in the visual imagery. To tie the design together, we added a cog shape – that is both reflective of engineering/manufacturing, but also connects to the shape of their parent company – Timberland Group. Because all three marks will appear together in many cases, it was important to keep the design clean and carry design elements from both the Marcotte logo and Timberland Group into the mark.

Marcotte Mining Graphic Design
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