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The new face of mining

Covergalls Workwear is an innovative garment designed by women for women in mining and industrial environment. From top to bottom, every feature of the Covergall is tailored to function and out perform.  We worked with Covergalls to develop a brand that would do the same.


We have worked with Covergalls Workwear since their inception to develop a memorable brand that could break into the industrial market for women. We set out to create a clean logo, strategically designed to avoid the overly feminine design cues often adopted by brands for women. We wanted the look to be approachable and translate well for use on a variety of applications.

Logo DesignLogo Design


Although Covergalls Workwear has a vast distribution chain throughout North America, due to the fact that many of her customers work in remote regions, a strong e-commerce system was a necessity for her website. We worked to create a user interface to house a single product which boasts 336 variations, that would be fast and easy for customers to navigate. Categories and filters were used to make it easy for women to quickly narrow down the product based on the unique standards of their workplace.



“I began working with Fuel Multimedia shortly after founding my company in 2012. Since then, Fuel has worked as my marketing partner on everything from my brand development to strategic partnerships to marketing and business advice when I need it. I truly feel that I have a partner in their team and they have consistently helped me reach my goals and grow my business one step at a time. Whether it be needing files on the road, blog and social updates, or full campaign ideas – I know I can trust in reliable and creative service.”



We have worked with Covergalls on a number of pieces of print collateral and creative ad placements, all designed to reflect the brand image and goals.  We created bathroom decals as a unique form of advertising to make the connection of “why” women need special coveralls. By putting the messaging in context, we are able to communicate the product rationale in a fun way. These decals have been placed at the Sudbury Airport, Dynamic Earth and on porta-potty’s at industry-specific events.

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