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Mobile-friendly websites now favoured by Google

Google announced that they will now be using mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This will significantly impact search results on mobile devices.

Mobile phones have become the new go-to device. Gone are the days that people turn on their computer or look in the phonebook to find a business’s phone number or hours of operation. The convenience of mobile phones is undeniable; they’re always on hand and offer powerful tools at your fingertips. In fact, more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on desktop computers in 10 countries including the US*. In response to this growing trend, on April 21st Google announced that they will now be using mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This will significantly impact search results on mobile devices.

So, what does this all mean? If your website is not mobile friendly it will appear further down on mobile Google searches. This will result in less website views and less visibility for your business. Even if your website is mobile friendly it’s important that your mobile search engine optimization (SEO) is updated for the best search engine results. If you’re unsure if your website is mobile friendly you can check using Google’s Mobile Friendly Test or call us at Fuel Multimedia.

As a mobile user visiting a website that is not mobile friendly can be frustrating. The text is too small, graphics don’t work and links are misdirected resulting in poor customer service. The updates Google is implementing will limit this, however, you will be invisible to users looking for your product or service. In addition, Google’s algorithm updates in real-time, meaning as soon as your website is mobile friendly it’ll come up in search results.

Analyzing Traffic with Analytics

It’s important to analyze your market and your website traffic. Analytics (pre April 21st, 2015) will tell you if users are visiting on mobile or desktop. If your traffic isn’t coming from mobile, these changes may not concern you, however, you could potentially be missing out on a large market.

Keep in mind, that analytics post April 21st, 2015 will not be an accurate representation of your mobile traffic because users searching on mobile devices may not find your site in the first place. If you have questions on reading your analytics, contact Fuel Multimedia for a free Google Analytics review.

Going Mobile

For those of your who currently have a “responsive” or “multi-platform” website – congratulations, you were ahead of the curve and already have a mobile-friendly website. Crack the champagne. If you do not currently have a mobile-friendly site, you can convert your existing site (created by Fuel Multimedia) to mobile by contacting us. If you are looking for a new website all together, we are happy to provide a free consultation and estimate.

Responsive websites are not a different website. They use your same site, same content, and same backend – but simply add in new rules for different screen sizes so that users get a version of your website easier to navigate and read.

The numbers are becoming clear that moving forward, mobile websites will not just be an add-on, but we will be designing mobile first.

*Source: Google Internal Data (as published by Google on May 5, 2015)

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